Earn your badges in our unique hands-on, active learning environment where every child is inspired to imagine, create, discover, and explore through the power of play!  Pre-registration is required.  Each session includes admission to the ICM with a Free Admission pass that can be used that day or a later date.  One session will complete all requirements for the stated badge or pin.  

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Scout Sleep-Ins

Roll out your sleeping bag and spend the night at the ICM!  

Girl Scout Investigation Sleep-In: Brownies "Inventor," Juniors "Detective," and Cadettes "Special Agent" badges

December 13, 2014  6:30pm-8:30am  $32 per scout

Put on your thinking caps, Scouts!  Brownies will explore how inventors get ideas, do some problem-solving, and create their own inventions.  Juniors will solve mysteries with the power of science, practice observation, and have fun following clues around the museum.  Cadettes will explore some forensic science, investigate a crime scene, and practice their skills of deduction.

Cub Scout Sleep-In: Webelos "Scientist" and Bear "Space" badges

January 10, 2015  6:30pm-8:30am  $30 per scout

Come discover the science of the universe!  Webelos will apply the scientific method to experiments with pressure, rockets, and gravity.  Bears will explore constellations, satellites, and rockets.  Webelos Scientist fulfills all requirements.  Bear Aricraft fulfills requirements a,b,d,e,f.  

Girl Scout Artist Sleep-In: Brownies "Potter" and Juniors "Jeweler" badges

February 7, 2015  6:30pm-8:30am  $32 per scout

Are you ready to be creative?!  Brownies will dig into some clay while learning basic techniques, making a pot and designing some jewelry.  Juniors will add some sparkle to their jewelry box by turning everyday objects into handmade jewelry.  

Cub Scout Sleep-In: Webelos "Artist" and Bear "Build a Model" badges

March 7, 2015  6:30pm-8:30am  $30

Get into your creative mode!  Webelos will build their artistic skills and experiment with different materials and ideas.  Bears will investigate how models help engineers and they will create their own model and display. Webelos Artist fulfills all requirements.  Bear Build a Model filfills requirements b,c,d,f.  

Girl Scout Exploration Sleep-In: Brownies "Home Scientist" and Juniors "Playing the Past" badges

April 18, 2015  6:30pm-8:30am  $32

Get ready to make some discoveries!  Brownies will learn about all the cool science they can do with everyday household items, including making their own silly putty.  Juniors will learn how people lived in the past through costumes, games and imagination.   

Pre-registration is required

Girl Scouts contact Emily at 319.363.8335 x213 or

Cub Scouts contact Aimee at 319.625.6255 x216 or   


Girl Scouts

Daisies Using Resources Wisely - "Clover" and "Rosie" petals

November 8, 2014  9:30am-11:30am  $11

Learn how to use resources wisely by reading stories, exploring the museum, and making some crafts with recycled resources.  

Brownies Create with Paint - "Painter" badge

November 22, 2014  9am-11am  $13

Release your inner artist as you earn your Painting badge.  Paint the real world, a mood, a mural, and use some experimental "brushes".  

Brownies All Stars - "Fair Play" badge

January 10, 2015  9am-11am  $11

Earn your Fair Play badge and have some fun!  Try an international sport, practice your teamwork skills, and create a championship challenge!  

Juniors Love Music - "Musician" badge

January 17, 2015  9am-11am  $13

Earn your Music badge and learn how music is made, build your own instrument, and practice performing!

Daisies Using Resources Wisely - "Clover" and "Rosie" petals

February 21, 2015  9:30am-11:30am  $11

Learn how to use resources wisely by reading stories, exploring the museum, and making some crafts with recycled resources.  

Pre-registration is required for Girl Scout Programs.  Contact Emily at or 319.363.8335 x213 to register. 


Cub Scouts

Wolf Cub Scouts - "It's a Secret" badge

December 6, 2014  9am-11am  $12

Explore skills every good spy needs.  Write in code, make invisible ink, and explore the mysteries of the museum!

Tiger Cub Scouts - "The Show Must Go On" badge

February 14, 2015  9am-11am  $10

Have fun creating your very own characters!  The tigers will investigate different kinds of puppets and learn how to bring them to life.  

Wolf Cub Scouts - "Be an Actor" badge

April 4, 2015  9am-11am  $12

Explore the world of live theater!  Help plan out a skit and make your own costumes, scenery, and sound efects in the museum's theater.   


Pre-registration is required for Cub Scout Programs.  Contact Aimee at or 319.625.6255 x216 to register.