The Family Literacy Involvement Program (FLIP) can help make sharing books with children even more fun! FLIP kits come in their own bags, include a book, activities related to the book, and everything needed to do the activities.  

To check out a FLIP kit, choose a tag from one of the five age levels located at the Iowa Children's Museum and Coralville Public Library and take it to the desk.  

One kit per family, please.

Each guest checking out a kit will need to sign a waiver claiming responsibility for paying for any lost or broken non-consumables and/or any late fees accrued.


Guests may check out one FLIPKit at a time for one week at a time. To renew email If the kit has not been renewed or returned by 6pm the day the kit is due, the late fees will accrue at $1/day, up to $7, at which point the account will be frozen until all fees are paid. Guests will not be allowed to check out another FLIP Kit until the FLIP kit is returned and/or all fees are paid. If renewed after the due date, any fees accrued between the due date and the date of renewal will still be owed, in addition to any non-consumable or new kit fees if applicable. 

Fees are accumulated in 3 ways!

1)Late Fees- $1 a day until it reaches $7

2) Non-Consumable Fees- The $ value of lost or destroyed non-consumables that must be replaced

3) New Kit Fees- The $ value of replacing the entire kit.

*The price listing for the non-consumables and new kits will vary by kit and accumulated fees. Guest’s are not allowed to check any flip kits out if they are outstanding fees due.