ICM Book Bags

Literally … You can check them out for home use!

Looking for ways to help your kids develop a love of reading?  Want to get your kids to read, but can’t get them to sit down with a book?  Thinking that it would be fun to extend storytime at home with some hands-on learning, but don’t know how to begin?

Museum educators have created a great new resource for you and your kids that packs traditional storytimes with loads of active fun in our newest program – ICM Book Bags!

ICM Book Bags are themed around your favorite museum exhibits and come equipped with materials and supplies for an active literacy learning experience.  Each ICM Book Bag (an actual backpack) comes with an assortment of engaging books and everything you need to do hands-on activities related to stories that are educational and fun!

ICM Book Bags can be checked out to take home helping you and your family extend your playing to learn experience at The Iowa Children’s Museum. 

Book Bag themes include:

  • City Grocery

  • Children’s Hospital

  • ImaginAcres

  • Pizzeria

  • Poetry

  • Puppets

  • More themes on the way!!

Check Out Process:

  • Any adult can check out an ICM Book Bag (just one at a time)

  • Checkout period is two weeks

  • A $25 fully refundable deposit is required (refunded when bookbag is returned)

Helping your children develop a love of reading is simply one of the best ways you can prepare them for life!  Enjoy our ICM Book Bags and be sure to let us know how you like them by completing our Book Bag Survey (include in each book bag).