In ImaginAcres, young children ages birth to five will find a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences created just for them. The exhibit is devoted to pretend play in a typical Iowa farm environment, complete with a cow in the barn and a tractor to drive. ImaginAcres blends familiar and unusual elements to create an imaginary world rich in possibilities for preschoolers. 

What can you do in ImaginAcres?

  • A farm house, barn and garden are organized as a cluster of activities to prompt children to make connections between planting and harvesting vegetables followed by preparing the food items into a meal in the kitchen of the farm house.
  • Parents can support the development awareness of their children by participating and extending their child's natural play by taking on characters in the imaginary farm world.
  • A tunnel and elevated track through the pretend Iowa landscacpe are provided to give your child a safe opportunity to explore beyond their caretaker's reach.
  • Slide out of the barn on an 8' bumpy slide!
  • Dress up in animal costumes and let your imagination soar!
  • The Family Sanctuary provides a quiet room where parents can spend time taking care of their child's needs away from the activity of the exhibit area.

A special THANK YOU to our generous exhibit sponsor: