Block Party

It's a party at The Iowa Children's Museum...a ‘Block Party!' Join the fun as you build and create structures using your imagination and our diverse selection of thousands of Lego © products.  Create a castle! A spaceship! A skyscraper!

We're proud to announce that the inspiration for this exhibit originated with one of our museum members.  Malachi Rocca, ten years old, came to the museum staff and told us how much he loves building with Lego products and how awesome it would be to have a special place in the museum to create where his little sisters couldn't bother him:)  With Malachi's design help, we opened the Block Party exhibit a short three months later!

Parent Tips:

Challenge your child to build a structure that uses a specific number of building pieces or to build something that's over one foot tall.  Or ask your child to create a structure to solve a particular problem, like creating a new house with enough bedrooms for each member of your family.