Climb on board and construct your own train system with wooden tracks and trains in our all new All Aboard exhibit. Watch three model trains run through a spectacular replica of the Corridor Community teaching children of all ages about the important role that trains play in moving Iowa freight and people!  You will see the Iowa Northern Railway Hawkeye Express carrying Hawkeye Fans back and forth from the passenger platform on Highway 6 by the Iowa Children’s Museum to Kinnick Stadium!  Iowa Interstate Railroad will take you through the cities of Coralville and Iowa City then travel into the rural areas of Johnson County…winding through our Imaginacres and ABC Forest exhibits!  Observe how CRANDIC delivers product to the ADM Factory in Cedar Rapids!  All three railroad companies have joined together to provide guests of The Iowa Children’s Museum with an unique look at model trains that replicate the work they do!

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A special thank you to Darren Ferreter of Model Railroad Dreams, Inc.