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ABC’s:  Letters in Disguise has morphed into a fun new project called

“AB…See Iowa!”

“AB…See Iowa!” is a community based literacy project featuring an online photo exhibition on The Iowa Children’s Museum website.  “AB…See Iowa!” consists of a collection of photographs of the letters of the alphabet as they appear naturally in the world around us.

Calling Kids and Adults:  You’re Invited to Help Create This Online Alphabet Photo Gallery! 

Grab a digital camera and explore Johnson County with your friends and family to photograph the alphabet in unusual places.  For example, you might find the letter “H” in the structure of a bridge crossing the Iowa River or the letter “F” might be found in a flag waving at the top of the Old Capitol.

Just imagine how much fun you and your family will have exploring the community in search of the alphabet!  Top that excitement off by taking a photograph of your discovery that will be posted on The Iowa Children’s Museum website! 

To submit your photograph please follow these simple steps.

1. Email a digital photograph saved as a jpeg file to Lori Kaemmerer at

2. In the Subject line of your email enter: AB…See Iowa

3. In the body of your email enter: your name, your age, and the letter your photo represents

AB…See Iowa! has been made possible with the support of the Johnson County Community Foundation Coralville Community Fund


Click each letter below to see photographs in

our collection taken by local community members!

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