ABC Forest

Experience the alphabet in our wonderful new ABC Forest exhibit!

ABC Forest is designed for preschoolers and early elementary age children to provide vibrant, interactive experiences focused on developing literacy skills.  The exhibit features beautiful original mural art inspired by the renowned American illustrator Charlie Harper set in an Iowa forest that features animals, plants, and a spring-fed river.

Play to Learn in the ABC Forest!

  • Search over 125 linear feet of original forest mural for objects that begin with all 26 letters of the alphabet
  • Match ABC Forest ABC cards to the corresponding mural image and learn about all about the object; for example the T is for turtle card will contain fun facts about painted turtles
  • Crawl into the child-size hole in the trunk of an Iowa oak tree for the perfect spot to sit and read your favorite book
  • Read a story from the exhibit collection of over one hundred books, including multi-cultural books and books written in Spanish
  • Explore the museum’s “ABC’s: Letters in Disguise” original publication and online exhibit of photographs of real objects that look like letters of the alphabet
  • Practice spelling words on a light table with colored plastic letters
  • And lots more!

ABC Forest is sponsored by:

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In Memory of Tanya Nicolson

from her Loving Family