The Sweet Hat Club Manifesto

You wear sweet hats and so do people all around the world and throughout time! Cramer Dev (from right here in Iowa City) designed a rockin’ website for posterity and fame for the sweet hats of the world.

There’s nothing better than looking good in a awesome hat and posting it on the Sweet Hat Club website for others to see. There are just so many amazing hats all around the world!

So put on your favorite hat on, smile for the camera and be prepared for your celebrity to increase significantly.

Click on the link below to see pictures taken

at The Iowa Children's Museum's Sweet Hat Club exhibit.


A Message From The Sweet Hat Club President

“When I started the Sweet Hat Club I had no idea what was going to happen.

I just wanted a special place on the Internet that we could call our home. Now we have members from Brazil and the Czech Republic and a special Sweet Hat PhotoBooth at the Iowa Children’s Museum. This thing has taken off, but I remain a simple man. I enjoy hats. Some may call them sweet. I am lucky to have found a group of people who share my simple love.”

— Colin Curtin, President of The Sweet Hat Club